.pomeranian dogs 

Pomeranian' dogs are short and related to spitz . named for the Pomerania region in central europe [which is now modern eastern Germany and Northern Poland].They are classed as a toy dog breed because of its small size.As determined by the Federation Cynologique internationale the pomeranian is part of the german spitz breed, and in many countries are known as Zwergspitz[Dwarf Spitz] or Toy German Spitz


Pomeranians are small dogs.The pomeranian has soft and fluffy fur.Their thick fluffy tails fan over their back.When born,the tails of Pomeranians are straight or slightly curved.It usually takes a pomeranians tail 1-3 months to curve over its back.There teeth come to a scissor bite and they have almond shaped eyes.A pomeranian's fur can be many different colours including white[Or a light beige colour],tan,black,brown,orange,sable,wolf or white with coloured markings. They ranked 10 on the most popular  dog list with 1st being the cutest dog as the Chihuahua , second the not-so-cute Labrador Retriever and third the cute Shih-Tzu.
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