144px Eli and Buster's Midnight Bun Run is an 2013 3D computer-animated comedy film starring Martin Lawrence, Ashton Kutcher, and Cody Cameron as seen in theaters September 27, 2013. This film is about Eli and Buster getting cinnamon buns in midnight, when Dexter the Cat is sleeping on a cat bed in his owner's RV.


One night, Bob and Bobbie (Ellie Kemper) leave their RV to go skinny-dipping, leaving Dexter the Cat (Cody Cameron) to guard the cinnamon buns they left on the counter. Eli (Ashton Kutcher) and Buster (Martin Lawrence) sneak into the RV and discover there's buns in the trailer. Unfortunately, Dexter is guarding the door.

To avoid waking Dexter, Eli and Buster climb onto the roof and Eli ties Buster to the end of a rope and lowers him through the open skylight. Unfortunately, Buster is distracted by the buns and he salivates, waking up Dexter, who bites him on the butt, pulling Eli into the trailer. Bob and Bobbie hear noises from outside and think that Dexter is being attacked. Bobbie puts on a towel to go investigate. Shocked by what she sees, she accidentally drops her towel, revealing her bare tattooed buttocks (as well as everything else) to a passing police car, whose driver pulls over, startled by her nudity. Buster runs out of the window looking for a place to hide, leaving Eli incriminatingly holding Dexter by the tail when Sheriff George (Bill Murray), breaks into the RV. Dexter says to Eli that he's busted and Eli responds, "Tell me about it."

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Eli and Buster's Midnight Bun Run was exclusively released in theaters September 27, 2013, along with the short film Open Season.

It was released on Digital HD on December 24, 2013 and DVD & Blu-Ray on January 28, 2014. It debuted on television on August 20, 2015.[1]



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