Dogs is a 2013 puppy film that stars Rob Corddry, Brendan Fraser, Jessica Alba and William Shatner.


Eli (Rob Corddry) is a 5-year-old puppy. But then, Buster (Brendan Fraser) came down to see Eli with his partner Scorch (William Shatner). Lucy (Jessica Alba) saw Eli and fell in love with him. Dexter the Kitten (Joshua Rush) came down the stairs running and meowing. Then, at the hospital, Eli and Dexter are having babies. Then, Dexter sings "What He Thinks About Us!". Then, Dexter tells Scorch's jokes are lame and lazy and tells Scorch he's just a dog with rabies. Then, Dexter came back to the house and listens to the Prankster Beginner video. But then, Eli made a video about pranking him. 1. Go on top of the roof of the house.
2. Take off all of your clothes.
3. Pretend that you're a ballerina while repeatedly slapping yourself in the face.
4. Realized you just got pranked.
5. Try to fit down the chimney. Head first. Then, Dexter came down the chimney sleeping. At 12:00 Midnight, Eli is hosting a party and all of the dogs are invited. Dexter got really mad. He had 6 rules. 1. Cook.
2. Drive.
3. Speak chinese.
4. Be a model.
5. Dance.
6. Swim. Then, Eli and Dexter have a fight. Dexter purse punched Eli, but then Eli finger wagged Dexter to Dexter's death. Then, all the dogs celebrate as the film ends.

In the post-credits scene, Lol (Jane Lynch) appeared out of the screen and came down the stairs wrapping herself in Eli's toilet paper and finally into the chasim.

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  • This is movie is released in the UK before the US.[1]



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