An adult cocker spaniel

Cockerspaniel wade1

A cocker spaniel puppy

<<<< If your looking for a dog that loves to play, isn't to big, lives a long life, and loves to be with people, then you should choose a cocker spaniel!


Cocker Spaniels are dogs that have long ears, fury coats, and normally have curly or wavy fur at the ends of their fur. They can come in black and white, brown, black and brown or even a hybrid color!


The average male cocker spaniel loves to play, and loves to hop around. The average female can depened on where she was raised, if she was raised in a playful world, your most likely to get a hyper dog! Males are not always playful.


Cocker spaniels like most dog cannot carry thier young. There Are two breeds of Coker spaniels,mini and the standard Coker spaniels can be brown,white or black. Coler spaniels are popular in the USA.

Weight Edit

Female:20-46 pounds

Male:18-50 pounds

puppy:1-8 pounds